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Semi-Official Opening

The first glimpse of what the Mid Ocean Golf Course had to offer came on March 3, 1923. On this day, an event that could be considered a semi-official opening took place. Although the grand opening was postponed until all aspects of the course and facilities were perfectly in order, a momentous luncheon was hosted, graced by the presence of His Excellency, the Governor, Lieutenant General Sir John Asser. The morning witnessed a friendly tournament played over the course, signifying the exciting times that lay ahead. The prospect of golf was gaining prominence in the island's affairs, and with the influential presence of Mr. C McDonald and other notable figures, Bermuda was set to establish itself as a golfing haven. The support of His Excellency, the Governor, who recognized the significance of sports in the island's development, played a crucial role in these endeavors.

Amidst this anticipation, the Mid Ocean Golf Course experienced a partial unveiling on March 3rd. Nine holes of the course, painstakingly designed by the Bermuda Development Company, were ready for play, marking an unofficial commencement of the golfing era in Tucker's Town. The Governor himself performed the honor of inaugurating these holes, while a temporary clubhouse provided a gathering place for the burgeoning community of golf enthusiasts. This informal opening set the stage for what was to come.

Further progress was made in the subsequent months. On August 14th, His Excellency, the Governor laid the foundation stone of the permanent clubhouse at Tucker's Town, symbolizing the transition from provisional to enduring infrastructure. The dedication and hard work of those involved in the construction were evident, as the clubhouse began to take shape. The year drew to a close with substantial advancements, promising a future of golfing excellence.