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Dress Code

Mid Ocean Club’s dress code aims to create an inviting and tasteful atmosphere for recreation, dining, and socialising. We kindly request all patrons adhere to our dress code and encourage Members to share this information with their families and guests for a seamless experience. If in doubt, opting for more conservative attire is recommended. A team member will politely assist individuals not in compliance by suggesting a change of venue, attire adjustment, or departure from the premises.


Men: Bermuda shorts or slacks, and collared shirts with sleeves. Shirts must be tucked-in at all times.

Ladies: Skirts, smart shorts and skorts (no shorter than mid-thigh) or slacks, and golf tops/shirts (with or without sleeves).

Men & Ladies: Soft spike golf shoes are recommended. Blue denim jeans or shorts, cargo shorts, workout clothing, sports team jerseys, and bathing suits or swimwear are unacceptable. Playing golf in open-toed sandals, flip-flops or bare feet is not permitted. Caps are not to be worn backwards anywhere on Club property, including on the golf course.


Proper tennis whites are required at all times for all ages. This means that 80% of your tennis attire must be white (i.e. a stripe here or there is acceptable). Tennis shoes do not have to be white, but they MUST be proper tennis court shoes - they cannot be sneakers or trainers as those damage and mark up our courts.



The dress code terminology and definitions are located beneath the dining venues.

Churchill Bar & Grill

Smart Casual; Golf Attire; Tennis Attire; Acceptable Denim; Acceptable Footwear. Open-toed sandals or flip-flops are not permitted for men.

Beach Pavilion

Dining Before 6:00pm: Smart Casual; Acceptable Denim; Acceptable Footwear. Bathing suits or swimwear may not be worn unless outside, and cover-ups or shirts must be worn.

Dining After 6:00pm: Smart Casual; Acceptable Denim; Acceptable Footwear. No golf shoes or bathing attire. Jackets/blazers are not required but are welcomed.

All Times: Bare feet are not permitted at the Beach Pavilion except for the pool and beach areas.



Smart Casual

Men: Bermuda length shorts, slacks and shirts with sleeves (collared in the evening) tucked-in, unless specifically designed otherwise.

Ladies: Dresses, skirts, pants, tailored shorts with smart blouses or tailored tops.

Acceptable Denim

Well-kept solid coloured denim (including blue denim) that is not faded, torn, frayed, or patched. Blue denim apparel is discouraged, but acceptable if in a dark shade, and is subject to restrictions in certain venues. Denim jackets of any kind are not permitted.

Acceptable Footwear

Golf shoes may be worn in the Clubhouse and Beach Pavilion, including the dining and bar venues before 6:00pm. Members and guests are asked to clean their golf shoes before entering the Clubhouse, Beach Pavilion, or locker rooms. Bare feet or socks are prohibited anywhere except in the locker rooms, pool, and beach areas.

Acceptable Headwear 

Ladies’ dress hats are always permitted in all venues. Outside of the Clubhouse and dining venues, caps are permitted, but must be worn forward, and are not permitted in the Clubhouse or at Beach Pavilion.

Unacceptable Dresswear

Applies to all Club property. Ripped or stained tee shirts, cut-off / torn shorts or pants, cargo shorts or pants, workout clothing, sweatpants.

Men: Tank tops or sleeveless shirts.

Ladies: Tube tops.