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World Championship Golf

Sam Snead plays in the World Championship Golf, losing to Mason Rudolph. In December 1959, Mid Ocean Club set the stage for a match that would soon capture the attention of golf enthusiasts around the world. The World Championship Golf match between Sam Snead and Mason Rudolph became a talking point not just for its players' skills, but for a rather unconventional turn of events.

In December of that year, the two golfers faced off in what would become a rather memorable match. Sam Snead found himself entangled in a sticky situation during the contest. On the 12th hole, he discovered that he had inadvertently exceeded the allowable number of golf clubs in his bag, possessing 15 instead of the permitted 14.

Instead of disqualifying himself, which is the standard procedure for such violations, Snead made a decision that caught many off guard. He chose to deliberately lose the match to Mason Rudolph. Snead's reasoning was due to his awareness of the match being televised under the World Championship Golf series. He didn't wish to disrupt the flow of the show, embarrass the producers, or tarnish its integrity, so he begun intentionally missing putts to allow Rudolph to claim victory.

The situation remained a well-kept secret until the broadcast of the match four months later. When the truth emerged, it caused a stir within the golfing community. The sponsor of the series took a step back, cancelling any further participation in the series.

Mason Rudolph was titled the 1959 PGA Tour rookie of the year, oblivious to the unconventional dynamics that led to his victory over the esteemed Sam Snead.