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A Modern Clubhouse

The original Clubhouse exuded a captivating charm and unique characteristics, setting the stage for numerous consequential discussions involving Presidents of the USA, France, and Prime Ministers of Great Britain. However, half a century after its inauguration, its structural integrity faltered, leading to its eventual demolition in 1974. It was replaced by the Clubhouse that proudly stands today.

In homage to the esteemed statesmen who once graced the corridors of the original clubhouse, the new Clubhouse pays tribute by naming its rooms after these iconic figures. The Churchill Bar stands as a lasting tribute to the unwavering spirit of the man who steered the 1953 Summit. The Eden Dining Room, christened in honour of Anthony Eden, who accompanied Churchill during that pivotal year, serves as a living testament to the notable personalities who converged on this revered space.

Both the Eisenhower and Macmillan function rooms serve as lasting memorials, commemorating the subsequent return of President Eisenhower four years later to engage with Prime Minister Harold Macmillan. Their meeting in 1957, known as the Big Two Talks, further solidified the club's enduring place in the chronicles of diplomatic history.